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The American Mantrailing,  Police & Work Dog Association offers Mantracking courses throughout the year at various times.  Our Mantracking courses focus on the skills needed to follow a trail (without K9) using clues in the environment.  It is appropriate for Search & Rescue Personnel, K-9 Handlers and Back-ups, Fire Fighters, Police, EMTs and Ground Search Teams.  If you want to know how valuable an asset our Mantracking Course is, read this article about one Police Officer's experience on OFFICER.COM.  

The instructors for these course are Tony Keith, Dave Wheeler, Dan Gray, and Jim Ashby.  These four  have well over 70 years combined experience tracking down felons and finding lost or missing persons.  The courses are comprised of both classroom and field instruction and are offered at two levels, Basic and Advanced.  In addition, we offer a 2-Day course that includes all the material covered in both the basic and advanced courses.  Certifications in mantracking are earned upon successful completion of the mantracking evaluation.  


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Next Basic Class - June 23rd 2018
Next Advanced Class - June 24th 2018
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